Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blood on blood.

Start 2011 our with a bang.


1.1.11 – Buffalo, NY
1.2.11 – The Tower. Cleveland, OH
1.3.11 – The Leather Shop. Lima, OH
1.4.11 – Thunderdom. Grand Rapids, MI with: The Oily Menace, Positive Noise, Cloud Rat, Xtra Vomit, Shallow Breath. (flyer)
1.5.11 – Madison, WI with SFN
1.6.11 – Chicago, IL
1.7.11 – Louisville, KY
1.8.11 – Pittsburgh, PA
1.9.11 – Jim's House. Philadelphia, PA with: Backslider, Daisycutter (IN), Drug Money (OH), Horrible Creeps (OH)

1.21.11 – The Gutter. Somerset, NJ. with: Pharaoh, The Love Below (CA), Troublemaker
1.9.11 – Washington D.C. *Matinee show*

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Killing Frost.

All apologies to our friends in Vermont. We had to cancel our trip up there this weekend. We will get up again some time soon if you all will have us back.

Meanwhile back in the city…
We’re playing tonight at the Butcher Shop in Alston with Sucked Dry from Kansas City, MO. Last Minute show. Make sure to check it out!

Next month we will be hitting the road again, this time heading to the Northern Midwest. January 1st through the 9th. We are rather excited for hitting up new cities and scenes.

The first run of Draize shirts are gone. The new design is here. Limited to 50. If you would like to get your hands on one, Please drop us a line. $8 at shows, $10 via mail.

12.5.10 – Butcher Shop. Allston, MA with: Sucked Dry (MO), Anchient Filth, Poor Sport.

1.1.11 – Rochester, NY
1.2.11 – Buffalo, NY
1.3.11 – Lansing, MI
1.4.11 – Grand Rapids, MI
1.5.11 – Madison, WI
1.6.11 – Chicago, IL
1.7.11 – Indianapolis, IN
1.8.11 – Pittsburgh, PA
1.9.11 – Philadelphia, PA

1.21.11 – New Jersey. With: Pharaoh, The Love Below (CA), Troublemaker

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Onward to Winter

Thanks for everyone who came to the Mob 47 gig last night. With all the chaos about the last minute venue changes and so forth, i was rather worried with how the show would turn out. But it all seemed to work out in the end. Big thank yous to Marcus, Ryan, Ben, Krystina, J.R., Joe, Mike, Hans, and Chaves for helping staff the show. Larger thanks to Puppy (without who's help none of this would have been possible).

Whom ever swiped Mob 47's banner, shame on you. Please return it.

The new 12" has been getting some airplay on the Late Risers Club (M-F 10 am -12 pm WMBR Cambridge, MA 88.1). Tune in to check it out. Also, if your local college radio station has a Hardcore/"Aggressive" music show, drop us a line and let us know.

moving on...

We have a handful of shows coming up. We are also in the planning stages for a mid western tour in early January. So please keep checking back for details as they become available.


11.27.10 - Tommy's Tavern 1041 Manhattan Ave. New York, NY with: Grudges, Gilded Age.
11.28.10 - The Fucking Discovery Zone. New Haven, CT with: Grudges
12.4.10 - 242 Main. 242 Main Street. Burlington, VT with: Fight Back, Crucial Times

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our Long National Nightmare is Over.

11 Song 12". $10 Order Here.

Up Coming Shows:

10.16.10 – The Chop Shop. Framingham, MA with: Flesh Temple (New Jersey). More information TBA.

11.8.10 - Temple Sound and Stage. 670 Center St. Jamaica Plain, MA with: Mob 47 (Sweden), Parasytic (VA), Brain Killer, Earth Pig.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

the Fall.

The Main Pressing of the 12" is still held up in the mail. We are expecting it any day now. Check back for more details.

we are down to the last handful of shirts leftover from our mini tour. If you would like one, drop us a line. $8 Large and Medium Only.

We will have new shirts with a new design some time in the next month.


10.15.10 – Boston, MA with: Flesh Temple. More information TBA. Check Back.

11.8.10 - Boston, MA with: Mob 47 (Sweden), Parasytic (VA), Brain Killer, Earth Pig. More information TBA. Check Back.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Upheaval 13. Shirts. Records.

We leave for our 9 days on the road this Saturday. The record sleeves are in, just waiting a few days longer on the wax. it's fun to cut things close.

For the first time in almost 3 years, we will have shirts when we hit the road as well. perhaps these ones will be of a quality worth selling this time. remember kids, never trust a hippie.

Upheaval Fanzine #13 has hit the streets. Famed Boston Punker "Crusty" Craig (of Melee / Keep Laughing / Weapons Grade / punk before the internet) has worked long and hard on this collection of Interviews and Reviews that spans the 4 corners of the earth. Over 100 reviews in all. He saw it fit to review the 2008 Draize Demo in this edition. Drop Craig a line if you are interested in scoring a copy.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Records and so forth.

The first run of thirty 12" are now gone. The Main pressing of 500 should be here in a weeks time. the first 20 will feature the alternative cover.

For the record collecting types, here's the breakdown:
30 advanced press with silk screened covers (Sold Out)
20 first press with silk screened covers
480 first press with original covers

Thanks to everyone who came out to the record release show last night. It was a really good time. Big thanks to The Oily Menace for making the long journey to the northeast for the show. Check them out if you haven't already (The Oily Menace Blog)

The new Draize track "Nowhere" was featured on the latest installment of Radio Wolftown. Bookmark it and check back for future episodes.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer 2010.

11 Song Draize Self-Titled EP will finally see the light of day this summer. The Split release from Punks Before Profits / Draize Recordings will be made available Friday August 6th in New York City. For more information, check back here or at punksbeforeprofits.org

Upcoming Shows.


7.9.10 – Syn Byn. 41 Maywood St. Worcester, MA with: Decoi (CA), Antietam, Tinnitus, Crackpot.
7.11.10 – Koopa Troopa Beach. Allston, MA with: Foreign Objects, Vile Bodies, Just Die (NC).


8.6.10 - Stolen Sleeves Collective 538 Johnson Ave. Brooklyn, NY with: The Oily Menace (MI), Wulfkrieg, Decaying Citadel
8.7.10 - Democracy Center 45 Mt. Auburn St. Cambridge, MA with: The Oily Menace (MI), Scapegoat, Bear Trap
8.8.10 - Slaughterhouse 5 Dover, NH with: The Oily Menace, Bastardswine, Condensed Flesh
8.9.10 – Anchors Up. Haverhill, MA with: Judas (CA) / The Love Below / Crusher, Shoot To Kill
8.21.10The Acheron 57 Waterbury St. Brooklyn, NY with: Oiltanker, Attentat, Wulfkrieg
8.22.10 – Skid Row Garage 565 W Clarke Ave. York, PA
8.23.10Corpse Fortress. 906 Philadelphia Ave. Silver Spring, MD with: Much Worse (MN), The Guilt
8.24.10 – Blowjob Park (?) Asheville, NC with: Sunshine SS, B.A.C.
8.25.10 – The Warehouse. Richmond, VA with: Heathens, Fraud, Vicegrip, Dead Beat.
8.26.10 – Helter Shelter. Pittsburgh, PA with: Male Nurses
8.27.10Shore House. Philadelphia, PA with: Rip It Up, Primal As Fuck
8.28.10 – Warren American Legion Hall, 12 Community Pl, Warren, NJ with: Zann (Germany), Black Kites
8.29.10 – The Fucking Discovery Zone. New Haven, CT