Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer 2010.

11 Song Draize Self-Titled EP will finally see the light of day this summer. The Split release from Punks Before Profits / Draize Recordings will be made available Friday August 6th in New York City. For more information, check back here or at

Upcoming Shows.


7.9.10 – Syn Byn. 41 Maywood St. Worcester, MA with: Decoi (CA), Antietam, Tinnitus, Crackpot.
7.11.10 – Koopa Troopa Beach. Allston, MA with: Foreign Objects, Vile Bodies, Just Die (NC).


8.6.10 - Stolen Sleeves Collective 538 Johnson Ave. Brooklyn, NY with: The Oily Menace (MI), Wulfkrieg, Decaying Citadel
8.7.10 - Democracy Center 45 Mt. Auburn St. Cambridge, MA with: The Oily Menace (MI), Scapegoat, Bear Trap
8.8.10 - Slaughterhouse 5 Dover, NH with: The Oily Menace, Bastardswine, Condensed Flesh
8.9.10 – Anchors Up. Haverhill, MA with: Judas (CA) / The Love Below / Crusher, Shoot To Kill
8.21.10The Acheron 57 Waterbury St. Brooklyn, NY with: Oiltanker, Attentat, Wulfkrieg
8.22.10 – Skid Row Garage 565 W Clarke Ave. York, PA
8.23.10Corpse Fortress. 906 Philadelphia Ave. Silver Spring, MD with: Much Worse (MN), The Guilt
8.24.10 – Blowjob Park (?) Asheville, NC with: Sunshine SS, B.A.C.
8.25.10 – The Warehouse. Richmond, VA with: Heathens, Fraud, Vicegrip, Dead Beat.
8.26.10 – Helter Shelter. Pittsburgh, PA with: Male Nurses
8.27.10Shore House. Philadelphia, PA with: Rip It Up, Primal As Fuck
8.28.10 – Warren American Legion Hall, 12 Community Pl, Warren, NJ with: Zann (Germany), Black Kites
8.29.10 – The Fucking Discovery Zone. New Haven, CT