Sunday, December 4, 2011

Back on the Map.

Out of touch for far too long.

Past few months have been relatively quiet on the Draize front. We had the opportunity to play with long time friends from Buffalo, Brown Sugar, and new friends White Guilt on their summer tour. In September we were fortunate enough to play with powerviolence heroes Despise You, and Magrudergrind as they swung through Boston on their way south. The mighty Thou came through New England in October with In Defense. Unrestrained decided to call it a day after touring the world and elsewhere. We were invited to play their last show at The Hub in Bristol, VT with Dangers. Pittsburgh's loudest, Ratface (download theirsplit demo with Drug Lust) hit Allston last week, with Draize and Wurm Tongue serving as the local welcoming committee.

This is Jason. A long time member of the Draize crew, Jason has taken up the Guitar duties. Jason also lends his talents to Aspects of War, and Fuckheads.
Luke has taken a leave of absence from the band.

Moving Forward.

11 January 2012 - Philadelphia, PA.
12 January 2012 - Richmond, VA.
13 January 2012 - Washington, DC. With: Deathrats (last show), Skvlt, Mary Christ. At:La Casa. 1436 Irving Street NW.
14 January 2012 - New Brunswick, NJ. With: Curmudgeon
15 January 2012 - New York, NY.

Big thanks to Reid Haithcock for the use of his photos., Or for those of you on Tumblr.
Curmudgeon is on the verge of dropping two new records onto the world. Get your hands on that shit.
Boston rejects, Skvlt, have taken up residency in West Massachusetts. Their demo is top notch. Get it here.
Michigan comrades-in-arms Positive Noise and Shattered Badge will be touring through the Northeast in early January (Boston Date: 4 January 2012). Support them when they hit your town.
Longtime friends, Deathrats are hanging em' up next month. It is a sad day. We are grateful to have played with them in the past and we're honored to be invited to play their send off. They're doing one last quick tour of the Midwest late this month. Friday the 13th of January will be your last chance to see them. Don't fuck this up.

Draize. 5 October 2011. At: SMFA Boston. Video by PutItInThePizza