Monday, August 16, 2010

Upheaval 13. Shirts. Records.

We leave for our 9 days on the road this Saturday. The record sleeves are in, just waiting a few days longer on the wax. it's fun to cut things close.

For the first time in almost 3 years, we will have shirts when we hit the road as well. perhaps these ones will be of a quality worth selling this time. remember kids, never trust a hippie.

Upheaval Fanzine #13 has hit the streets. Famed Boston Punker "Crusty" Craig (of Melee / Keep Laughing / Weapons Grade / punk before the internet) has worked long and hard on this collection of Interviews and Reviews that spans the 4 corners of the earth. Over 100 reviews in all. He saw it fit to review the 2008 Draize Demo in this edition. Drop Craig a line if you are interested in scoring a copy.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Records and so forth.

The first run of thirty 12" are now gone. The Main pressing of 500 should be here in a weeks time. the first 20 will feature the alternative cover.

For the record collecting types, here's the breakdown:
30 advanced press with silk screened covers (Sold Out)
20 first press with silk screened covers
480 first press with original covers

Thanks to everyone who came out to the record release show last night. It was a really good time. Big thanks to The Oily Menace for making the long journey to the northeast for the show. Check them out if you haven't already (The Oily Menace Blog)

The new Draize track "Nowhere" was featured on the latest installment of Radio Wolftown. Bookmark it and check back for future episodes.