Sunday, July 28, 2013

drums of thunder.

(Photo: Lucas Henry Ezekiel Anderson)

Thanks to everyone who came out to any of the gigs last week. It was a blast. Cleveland, We'll be back soon. Stay Tuned.

Big thanks to Tom and Garret in Pittsburgh for putting up with our extended stay and helping us out with our van troubles.

The 6 songs from the tour tape will be featured on our upcoming 7" on Bad Teeth Recordings later this fall.

Bad Teeth Recordings.

Bad Teeth Facebook.

We have new shirts and patches. They will be posted up here sometime this week.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 2013

(Photo: Reid Haithcock)


-Recorded 6 song 7" at Dead Air Studios last week. Record to be released this fall. Check back for more info.

-We are about to depart on a 6 day long weekend. we will have cassettes of the un-mastered tracks from last week's session on hand with us. 30 tapes available at those shows only.

6 Days of Draize

JULY 19th, Washington D.C.
@ Casa Fiesta (4910 Wisconsin Ave. NW) 7 PM
Red Dons, Draize, Cheap Love
Facebook Event

JULY 20th, Middlesex, NJ
@ Warehouse Motorclub (620 Lincoln Blvd) 3 PM
Old Wounds, Draize, Damaged Goods, PLUS RTF Wrestling
Facebook Event

JULY 21st, Pittsburgh, PA
@ Kopec's Korner (3523 Penn Ave) 5 PM
Draize, Holders Scar, Mower, Twin Tower
Facebook Event

JULY 22nd, Cleveland, OH
@ Now That's Class (11213 Detroit Ave)
Draize, Reivers, Lucha Eterna, TBA
Facebook Event

JULY 23rd, Buffalo, NY
@ Broadway Joe's (3051 Main St.) 10 PM
Draize, TBA. PUNK N' TOTS DJ Night.
Punk N Tots Blog

JULY 24th, Brooklyn, NY
@ The Acheron (57 Waterbury St.)
Draize, Grudges, Creeping Dose, Gaul
Facebook Event

-We will also have new shirts and patches at these shows. those, however you can pick up off of us anytime.

-This is about a year behind the times, but this is Shane. He has taken up the duties on guitar since last August.

(Photo: Reid Haithcock)

-We've increased our presence on the internet. check out these other sites that we don't maintain:

Draize on Facebook

Draize On Bandcamp

-Listen to Tinnitus.