Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blood on blood.

Start 2011 our with a bang.


1.1.11 – Buffalo, NY
1.2.11 – The Tower. Cleveland, OH
1.3.11 – The Leather Shop. Lima, OH
1.4.11 – Thunderdom. Grand Rapids, MI with: The Oily Menace, Positive Noise, Cloud Rat, Xtra Vomit, Shallow Breath. (flyer)
1.5.11 – Madison, WI with SFN
1.6.11 – Chicago, IL
1.7.11 – Louisville, KY
1.8.11 – Pittsburgh, PA
1.9.11 – Jim's House. Philadelphia, PA with: Backslider, Daisycutter (IN), Drug Money (OH), Horrible Creeps (OH)

1.21.11 – The Gutter. Somerset, NJ. with: Pharaoh, The Love Below (CA), Troublemaker
1.9.11 – Washington D.C. *Matinee show*

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Killing Frost.

All apologies to our friends in Vermont. We had to cancel our trip up there this weekend. We will get up again some time soon if you all will have us back.

Meanwhile back in the city…
We’re playing tonight at the Butcher Shop in Alston with Sucked Dry from Kansas City, MO. Last Minute show. Make sure to check it out!

Next month we will be hitting the road again, this time heading to the Northern Midwest. January 1st through the 9th. We are rather excited for hitting up new cities and scenes.

The first run of Draize shirts are gone. The new design is here. Limited to 50. If you would like to get your hands on one, Please drop us a line. $8 at shows, $10 via mail.

12.5.10 – Butcher Shop. Allston, MA with: Sucked Dry (MO), Anchient Filth, Poor Sport.

1.1.11 – Rochester, NY
1.2.11 – Buffalo, NY
1.3.11 – Lansing, MI
1.4.11 – Grand Rapids, MI
1.5.11 – Madison, WI
1.6.11 – Chicago, IL
1.7.11 – Indianapolis, IN
1.8.11 – Pittsburgh, PA
1.9.11 – Philadelphia, PA

1.21.11 – New Jersey. With: Pharaoh, The Love Below (CA), Troublemaker